The website is owned and operated by Kishonti Kft. (seat: Szépvölgyi út 39., Budapest 1037 Hungary; registered by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest under no. 01-06-612670).

The CompuBench Website collects personal information when you register with the website. When you register we ask for information such as your login, name and e-mail address. The information we collect will not be disclosed to third parties, it is only your login name that will be seen by other Members of the CompuBench Website Community. The purpose of this is to allow Members to communicate with each other.

The personal data given by a Member at registration (except for the login name) may be modified at any time during the membership by accessing the GLBenchmark Website.

All personal data collected by the CompuBench Website will be processed in compliance with the applicable personal data protection legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Hungary.

The CompuBench Website automatically receives and records information on its server logs from your browser, including your IP address and cookie information.

The CompuBench Website will not send commercial messages to its registered Members, but is reserves the right to inform its Members of any news, service announcements and administrative messages relating to the status and development of the CompuBench Website and Kishonti Informatics' GLBenchmark and other software products and to address questions to the Members in connection with the test results data uploaded to the CompuBench Website.

The CompuBench Website reserves the right to delete or to correct any data from the CompuBench Website databases if the test data uploaded by a Member to the CompuBench Website is unlawful, incorrect, misleading, abusive or insulting in any respect. Uploading of such improper information to the CompuBench Website may result in the loss of membership and exclusion from the use of the CompuBench Website and its services.

Upon request by the Member, the CompuBench Website will terminate the membership and delete all of the Member's personal data.

The test results and related (non-personal) information (text, images, etc.) uploaded to the CompuBench Website will become the excusive property of Kishonti Informatics, operator of the CompuBench Website and will remain in the CompuBench Website's test results database even after termination of the uploading Member's membership.

The CompuBench Website may update this policy. The CompuBench Website will notify the Members about significant changes by sending a notice to the e-mail address specified in registration accounts or by placing a prominent notice on the site.