CLBenchmark 1.1.3 released

March 19, 2013

The updated version of Kishonti Informatics' benchmark for OpenCL implementations is now available for download at

Kishonti Informatics released the latest version of CLBenchmark Desktop Edition for consumers. CLBenchmark 1.1.3 includes bugfixes that solve usability issues in cases when the display resolution is lower than full HD resolutions.

Major new features

  • Optical Flow: conformance issues fixed, improved compatibiliy
  • Fixed visuals for down to 1366x768 display resolution

  • CLBenchmark 1.1.2 Desktop Community Edition is available for download at Before installing the new version, please uninstall the older CLBenchmark (1.1.2)!

    About Kishonti Informatics

    Kishonti Informatics is a leading specialist in performance optimization software technologies and a worldwide leader in CPU and GPU performance analytics and benchmarking. Its services are widely used by hardware manufacturers, software developers and enthusiastic consumers worldwide.

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