CompuBench 1.5 released for mobile

October 14, 2015

CompuBench 1.5 measures the compute performance of mobile devices, supporting all major parallel compute APIs: OpenCL 1.1, OpenGL ES Compute, CUDA and Metal. 

With today’s release for mobile platforms, CompuBench 1.5 provides a cross-platform and cross-API benchmark suite to test and compare the compute performance of devices with multiple use-cases.

The tests include

  • Physics: Particle Simulation
  • Graphics: Provence
  • Throughput: Ambient Occlusion and Fractal - Julia set
  • Image Processing: Gauss Blur and Histogram equalization
  • Computer Vision: Face detection

  • Availability

    CompuBench is available for download and for licensing within our Benchmark Development Program.

    About Kishonti Ltd.

    Kishonti Ltd. is a leading specialist in high-performance graphics and compute solutions. In the past decade we have been working together with leaders of the semiconductor and consumer electronics market listed among top ranking technology companies of the NASDAQ-100.


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